The online business has expanded its ambivalence, identity, scale and unprecedented theft to have a distinct advantage to them.Worst part? If it is true, customers cannot tell the difference because fraudsters can create entire websites that look just like your own.They are essentially trying to reassure the social media that they are making the right buyer.Fake social media is a big problem. 62% of all customers interviewed for a CIM survey stated that they use social media as a tool to help them make buying decisions.They have received some negative reviews from critics on a given page and decided to stay away from you.Depending on the reliability and commitment to retailing, is not it scary?

Brand Equity for an Online

As one of the research, your brand equity consists of four key areas of online representation: brand contact, site design, vendor features, and product/service features, in other words, when visiting a page they visit an existing brand, targeting consumers are Depending on the four qualities:

1. The communication language, voice, and style used on the site.
2. The characteristics of the site, and how it closely resembles the original brand site.
3. If they make a purchase, how much of their seller interaction is with the actual dealer.
4. If they make a purchase, how the product or service closely works like the original.

In many cases, consumers have to buy a specific brand because it creates an emotional response among them – they went on a coffee shop in a particularly bad day and had the best coffee in their life, or they could remember shopping from a web store when they have preparations for broken Christmas were great discounts and unique products.

Remember their brain they had with your brand interaction and how it felt them, again forced them to come back.

In this context, it is easy to see why it is so important to protect your online brand identity. Since customers have feelings for response to shopping with you, you are responsible for eliciting the same response at the same time.

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